A Lesson In Self Love

Being comfortable in your own skin. Part of being a public figure is your personal image and your overall look being recognizable. (Mine has been pretty standard through out the years. When you see me you expect to see short hair whether natural, relaxed or shaved~Normally blonde. Possibly with a branded tee and with cool shoes (heals) or most recently flats with a twist).

The method behind my madness is that I’m a normal person… approachable… with an eye for beautiful and unique things.

I dress in a way that makes me feel confident yet comfy. The paint on my face always re-creatable (← is that a word?) and never intimidating. (It’s a marketing thing!)

I’m an Artist… Hair Artist, MakeUp Artist, Skin Artist, Brow Artist, Visual Artist…

My self image is more important than the way others view me. I’m comfortable in my own skin and that’s the beauty of how you see & feel about me (although its none of my business)