The Beauty Is… Show’s Team is excited to work with the

Dr. E.K. Bailey Beaux & Debutantes For Christ

Class of 2020.

It is our Pleasure to help you look and feel your best and we are dedicated to keeping you on schedule for your Exciting Evening !!!

We will be conveniently located at The Hyatt Regency for you and your guest to get ready together without the stress of transporting from one location to another.


Meet Our Team

CrystalMakeUp Artist
The Beauty Is… Show
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Lux Charae
AmandaMakeUp Artist
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Important Details

We will be conveniently located at The Hyatt for you and your guest to get ready together without the stress of transporting from one location to another. The Beauty Is… Team is fully equipped with all products / tools needed. Our only request is that all clients Please be courteous and arrive on time to your appointment💋

We are currently accepting appointments with a paid in full reservation fee. MakeUp appointments are reserved in advance for scheduling and staffing purposes.

** Appointment times are based on the Beaux & Debs committee schedule.  Our team will meet with the committee the week of March 23 for a final event schedule.  Our debutante makeup schedule will work around the  rehearsal and lunch times. Parents and Staff will be scheduled after all Debs have been completed. Anyone late to their appointment will be scheduled at the end of the pre-scheduled appointments. Any day of appointments will be scheduled LAST at an Increased $Rate$ (we will not work you between pre-scheduled clients).

You will be notified about appointment times and all updates via email (please provide us with an up to date email address)

We understand that your day will be very busy and we appreciate you trusting The Beauty Is… Team with your beauty needs! 

Reserve Your Appointment Now!

Parents, Debutantes and escorts, be sure and schedule your makeup time with professional MUA Crystal Garrett. She will be in attendance at rehearsal Sunday if you would like to schedule. She’s phenomenal!❣️

Ms. Alicia Brown Young

The best MUA!!!

Ms. Carol Hampton

What to Expect

Important details you need to know before getting your makeup done professionally…

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your appointment is to come with fresh clean skin. You don’t want to waste precious glam time during your appointment for your artist to clean last night’s mascara off. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to exfoliate that morning too and follow through with your skincare regimen.

I love a good ‘no makeup’ makeup look as much as the next gal, but you want to wear a little more than usual for your special occasion. You would be surprised at how much photography can wash out the details of your makeup, so what may feel like a lot of makeup to you, can show up as very natural in your pictures and simply define your features. Trust Your Artist

Hopefully you have a current routine that already works for you but if not, you need to nail one down before getting your makeup done. If you’re that person that rarely washes your face much less puts on any moisturizer, you probably don’t know how your skin will react to new products, which is why you want to get a head start and not wait until the week of. You need to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Ideally, your skincare routine should be implemented about 30 minutes before your appointment, so that way your skin is still clean and well-hydrated. If your appointment is in the afternoon, reapply some moisturizer at the very least, so your skin is prepped and ready to go. Really go that extra mile while washing your face to remove all of last night’s makeup, especially mascara. Your artist will love you forever!

This probably sounds strange if you have no idea what I’m talking about but this happens more often than you’d think. There is nothing worse than you or your artist buffing on foundation and it looks like dead skin falling off your face. It could be that the moisturizer is not a good fit for you – most likely it’s not absorbing and just sitting on top of the skin. It could be that the moisturizer is expired. Or it could be the moisturizer has exfoliating properties,  in which case the gross particles falling off your face actually is dead skin.

If you have dry, cracked lips, it is extremely difficult for your artist to apply lip liner and lipstick. But more importantly, your lip products will not look as good if your lips aren’t in good condition! Apply a lip moisturizer to make sure your lips are hydrated.

If you’ve never gotten your brows shaped by a professional esthetician, I highly recommend it! If you are a brow newbie, I would recommend getting waxed or threaded at least once about a month out from your big day just to see how your skin reacts. Some people are more sensitive than others, but on average I would say to get waxed two to three days before your event.