• Holistic Wellness Coaching From Dreams To Plans : A Continuum to Phase 1

    A complete holistic approach to guide you to access your potential and enact your dreams.

  • Holistic Wellness Coaching Phase 1

    $ 85.00 / week for 4 weeks
    Holistic Wellness Coaching Includes Phase 1:
    • Weekly Life Prep
      • meal mapping
      • prioritizing self care 
    • Weekly Mindfulness Offerings
      • de-stressing
      • focused on feel-good, gentle movements
      • taking time to restore, ground and utilize some pranayama techniques
      • relaxing time of reflection intention setting and  journaling
    • Holistic Life Style Tips Manual (digital download)
    • Invitation To Special Events
      • Live Cooking Demo's
      • Yoga + Meditation Sessions

  • During this 60 minute online video-chat wellness consultation, I offer individualized coaching to address self-limiting beliefs, develop tools and resources unique to your goals, and cultivate a relationship with your experience that fosters a sense of wholeness and peace.
    • Our Focus Is On Holistic Health, Wellness, and Yoga
    The Beauty Is... Show is  committed to creating a platform where all women can reach their ideal level of health and beauty. 
  • Yoga + Meditation

    From: $ 25.00
    Personal Yoga + Mediation Session Live Stream classes are 60 minutes delivered on Zoom and offer you the same practice as our in-person classes all from the comfort of your own home. Our classes are suitable for all levels of practitioner and can be done with or without props. Supportive Props: You may like a blanket and two blocks, and perhaps a bolster to support you in your practice. All Classes are in CST – Central Standard Time  NOTE:  You will receive a zoom link to your live stream classes upon registration.

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