Holistic Wellness Coaching

$99.00 / week with 1 week free trial

Welcome to a complete holistic approach to guide you to access your potential and enact your dreams.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is for you if:

  • You want to learn the best Ayurvedic Wellness Practices to help you reach a specific goal
    • Resetting Your Hormones
    • Increasing Your Energy
    • Weight Loss
    • Becoming More Mindful
  • You want to get off the diet and workout hamster wheel
  • You want to live a more purposeful life
  • You’re fairly new to Ayurveda and want to know what practices would benefit you

Weekly 1.5 hour sessions. Our Coaching System offers one-on-one coaching and support working at the pace of each individuals progress.

No two people are alike, so why should their wellness programs be?

Our coaching sessions look like:

Our first session we review your Holistic Wellness Quiz. We dive deep into your goals & current habits. We map out a Wellness Plan Personalized just for you! Everyone is different and has different needs but our plan could look like the following:

  • Weekly Life Prep
    • personalized morning routine
    • personalized nutrition guidance
    • personalized evening routine
    • prioritizing self care
  • Weekly Mindfulness Offerings
    • personalized anxiety reducing practices
    • de-stressing
    • focused on feel-good, gentle movements
    • taking time to restore, ground and utilize personalized pranayama or yoga practice
    • relaxing time of reflection intention setting and  journaling
  • Weekly Personalized Meal Plans
    • Weekly Personal Menu
    • Easy To Follow Recipes
    • Ayurvedic Food Combination Guide
  • Invitation To Special Events
    • Live Cooking Demo’s
    • Yoga + Meditation Sessions

According to Ayurveda, the disease process begins in the mind and thereby affects the body. When our mind, behavior and emotions are happy and balanced,  transformational and digestive processes are promoted in our body. If these processes run perfectly, Ojas is produced. Ojas is the finest product of metabolism which, somehow, makes us shine from the inside out. In the ancient scriptures there is even a list of behavioral rasayanas.

  • We should favor unconditional, peaceful, positive thoughts: love of truth, goodness, compassion, and contentment.
  • We should avoid fear, aggression, violence, coarse language and negative feelings, greed, ignorance and dullness.


Ayurveda is a holistic health approach that originated in India thousands of years ago. It focuses on rebalancing the life forces, called doshas, within your body.

As  experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, we conduct an in-depth doshic evaluation to determine what your natural state of being is, identify any imbalances, explore concerns, and set health and wellness goals together. Ayurveda emphasizes self-care techniques that can bring you into balance, through diet, lifestyle (including exercise), stress management, and if needed, herbs and seasonal cleansing, Thus Returning Your Body & Mind To A Balanced State




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