Permanent Brow MakeUp

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Permanent Brow MakeUp is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Pigment is applied to desired areas, enhancing your natural beauty. We use a permanent makeup machine to apply color and there are several options to achieve gorgeous and symmetrical eyebrows.


Small strokes are placed where your natural brow hair is thinning. This is done on someone who has full brows, but needs filling in on small areas.

Powder Brow:

A shadow of color is applied to the backdrop of the brow. This is a shading technique.

Hair Stroke:

An eyebrow is created where there is little to no hair, giving you a natural hair-like look. This technique is done throughout the brow to create fullness.

Results: 4-6 weeks

Applications: 2 are necessary

Anesthesia: Topical Numbing Cream

Appointment Length: 1-2 hours per application

Recovery Time: 7-14 days

How Long Does It Last: 3-5 years *Results May Vary

Pain Level: None to Mild

Numbing Cream is an option to reduce any sensitivity. Please let your technician know if you have had any reaction to Lidocaine in the past.

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Meet Microshading, or “Powder Brows,” a New Alternative to Microblading.


Touch up is the second phase treatment of your Permanent Brows; this usually happens 4 weeks after the initial session when the pigment has settle into the brow area, by this time, the too thick and too dark initial result fades by 30-50%, and scabs should be healed, touch up takes approximately 60 minutes.

The Importance of Touch Up

It is very IMPORTANT to complete the touch-up treatment, without this, your eyebrow is considered half finished, and you cannot expect the maximum result of the procedure. Also, failure to attend for a touch-up session will result in fading of the pigment gradually, and this can be a total disaster.

Another occasional touch-up session is also recommended, but not required, which is done every 6-8 months or depending on the your skin quality to maintain the color, freshness and even shape of the eyebrow. If you have oily skin, you may need to visit the salon more frequently or as suggested.

Crystal Garrett, owner Beauty Is… Perfect Face




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